Common Cause Indiana is a nonpartisan organization that works to promote open, ethical, and accountable government.

They recently sent a short, nine question survey to this years secretary of state candidates. Libertarian Mark Rutherford has no problem answering their questions and letting Indiana know where he stands.

The incumbent, Connie Lawson, didn’t bother responding.

“I will always take the time to answer the important questions facing Indiana,” said Rutherford “Why won’t our current secretary of state do the same?”

Perhaps Lawson feels that her incumbency affords her the luxury of avoiding tough issues. Perhaps she’s spending too much time schmoozing big donors. Perhaps she has an interest in keeping unfair election districts that favor her political party.

Ending gerrymandering, the practice used to establish a political advantage for a particular party by manipulating district boundaries, is a focus of Rutherford’s campaign.

Gerrymandering allows politicians to choose their voters. Rutherford believes that voters should choose their politicians.

Avoiding the Common Cause Indiana survey is just the latest example of Lawson’s failure to take this issue seriously. Before giving your vote to a career politician who feels she’s entitled to your vote, check Mark Rutherford’s website and see how Rutherford can bring fairness and security to Indiana’s election process.