Small Business Advisory Council

Throughout his career as an attorney, Mark Rutherford has been a champion of the small business owner and will continue to do so as Indiana’s Secretary of State.

Mark believes that the single most impactful economic driver in Indiana is the small business owner, Mark understands that our State’s economy was built by the family farmers, blacksmiths, shop owners, and other small business owners of the early days of our statehood.  He recognizes that today ‘s economic climate is cycling back to the individual entrepreneur in the form of the ‘gig’ economy and that Indiana’s business regulations must also change with the times.

As Secretary of State, Mark will work to create a business climate in Indiana where small business owners and entrepreneurs can flourish in the free market.  Mark will support the reduction of fees, filings, and regulations which encumber small business owners with restrictive government oversight and will work to further streamline the State of Indiana’s business establishment and reporting requirements for small businesses.

Mark understands that the main function of government is to protect the individual’s rights and this responsibility extends to the rights of individual small business owners.  As Indiana’s next Secretary of State, Mark will be uniquely positioned to be the small business owner’s primary advocate to the Indiana General Assembly

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