Mark Rutherford believes that Hoosier voters should select their duty-elected representatives, instead of the political class selecting their pool of voters through the deterministic redrawing of the state’s House of Representative and Senate Districts.  As Indiana’s Secretary of State, Mark will support the establishment of a non-partisan redistricting commission, whose sole responsibility will be to redraw the state’s districts in a geographically-driven process, without consideration for political alignment.

Mark believes that the power of our Democratic Republic and its electoral process is in the sovereignty of the individual’s vote.  He understands that the impact of each Hoosier’s vote must equal in its weight in determining electoral outcome.  To this end, as Indiana’s Secretary of State, Mark will work diligently to ensure that every Hoosier’s vote carries equal weight, without the majority party in the Indiana General Assembly placing a finger on redistricting to tip the scales of balance in their favor.

As Secretary of State, Mark will also work to ensure that Indiana recognizes all political parties and includes members of all political parties in the electoral process through the state.  Mark will pursue aggressive ballot access reforms and campaign finance reforms to further provide balance and equality in the electoral process in Indiana.

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