Marion County Libertarian Party chair endorses Rutherford

INDIANAPOLIS – As the person tasked with gerrymandering election districts, we should elect someone who isn’t beholden to a major party or special interest. This is why Justin Harter is endorsing Mark Rutherford for secretary of state.

“A vote for Mark is also a vote against gerrymandering,” said Harter, chair of the Libertarian Party of Marion County. “Ballotpedia rates none of Indiana’s nine House seats as competitive, yet our Senate race is consistently among the most competitive. Why the difference? U.S. Senate doesn’t have districts to be gerrymandered. Also, about a third of Indiana Statehouse seats have no opponent. With rigged districts, these races are over by the primary. Don’t get gerrymandered out of having a voice. Mark is the only choice for fair electoral maps.”

Thanking Harter for his support, Rutherford vowed to keep fairness as the guiding principle for Indiana elections.