Mark Rutherford is a Hoosier through and through, and it’s those values that are needed now when it comes to fair elections, Indiana business, and transparency in governance.

As Chair of the Indiana Public Defender’s Commission, Mark has shown strength in leadership and the ability to work closely with others whose political ideology varies widely from his own. His desire for accountability and resourcefulness have led to reduced recidivism rates, fairer treatment of those accused of committing a crime, and greater financial savings for the counties that work with the Commission.

It’s that drive for financial responsibility that will help the thousands of small Indiana business owners, as he is a vocal proponent of their success and ability to provide for their communities. If elected as Secretary of State, he will be their voice, working to make sure they continue to have a place in an ever-expanding competitive marketplace.

Indiana has as many viewpoints in our great state as we have people, and they deserve to be heard. As Secretary of State, Mark would ensure that we have fair and secure elections. Whether you live in the metro or the far reaching corners of Indiana, you would have the opportunity to elect individuals that truly represent your values.

It’s time that the common Hoosier has a voice in Indianapolis, and that Indianapolis doesn’t dictate what happens hundreds of miles away. It’s time for St John, Monroeville, Madison, Holland, and all our smaller communities to be the voice for Indiana.

Mark will be that man; the uniter; the voice of reason and common sense in Indianapolis.