Libertarian Mark Rutherford thanks his Democrat opponent for seeing wisdom in the Libertarian secretary of state platform – from 2006.

“I am thrilled to have company in demanding fair and secure elections,” said Rutherford, who is seeking the office that regulates Indiana’s elections. “Hoosiers deserve to know that our votes count, and that those votes are being counted correctly.”

Harper called a news conference Monday to addresss a national story that many of Indiana’s voting machines do not have a paper trail that would make recounts more accurate and secure. Sadly, Harper nailed it: Indiana elections are no more secure now than in 2006.

As Indiana’s next Secretary of State, Mark will diligently work with the Indiana General Assembly to strengthen laws that protect Hoosier investors, while easing regulatory requirements which unnecessarily burden free-market investment.

Mark understands that government manipulation of the election process interferes with the intent of the self-government. As Indiana’s Secretary of State, Mark will work diligently to ensure that every Hoosier’s vote carries equal weight, without the majority party in the Indiana General Assembly placing a finger on redistricting to tip the scales of balance in their favor.

As Secretary of State, Mark will also work to ensure that Indiana recognizes and includes all political parties in the electoral process. Mark will pursue aggressive ballot access reforms and campaign finance reforms to further provide balance and equality in the electoral process in Indiana.