I’m officially endorsing Mark Rutherford for Indiana Secretary of State. Mark is the most qualified, hardest working, no-nonsense candidate in the race. Hoosiers all over the state will benefit from Marks experience and expertise.

Mark will bring transparency to the office and will push for more visibility on how our election process is run. Candidates and small businesses will know what to file and when. He will use the public platform as head of elections to shine the light on gerrymandering in Indiana.

Mark will make the Secretary of State more accessible. He wants to use 21st century technology, and common sense to cut through the red tape ensnaring small businesses. Meeting legislative requirements should be simple, quick, and as easy as possible.

Mark will be accountable to voters, not party bosses. As a Libertarian he has the freedom to find solutions both parties can agree with. He will not have to cow tow to party tribalism and can simply do what’s right for the voters, as he has done in his role as chairman of the Public Defenders Commission for the last 10 years.

As I’ve been advocating for more Transparency, Accessibility, and Accountability in our local government I am honored, and privileged to be able to endorse someone who will bring those same principles to the Secretary of State’s office. Please join me in voting Mark Rutherford for Secretary of State this November.

Danny Lundy